Page of Bothersome Subjects

This is just what it says, a page filled with your comments on those things that bother you. ┬áIn order to generate a more peaceful environment we first have to find out what it is that bothers us the most and work towards alleviating it. Whatever it is, doesn’t matter, it could be just your spouse snoring…or what to tell your children about things they see and hear. So please, feel free to reply, I hope I set the button up right below. If not, I invite you to the beautiful pathway page where there is another reply button. This is a serious, albeit ridiculous website, I know, but we have to start somewhere. Someone has to start a conversation about all those things we don’t want to talk about, that get in our way and make us angry, those things that make us fall short of our goals, sometimes through no fault of our own. Glass ceilings for women, child abuse by neglectful parents, when do you get involved, is it really your business, how to do it. What’s the child going to do? These are just some of the items you can discuss. Even if it’s your coworkers’ lack of manners chewing gum loudly in your ear as she talks, it’s important. It’s a stress, and although humans have evolved to deal with stress, it’s not that kind we need. So help out and write what bothers you, but make it a real thing, not a made up or fake thing. I don’t need nasty comments, I delete those. So stay within the bounds of good manners when you write. That’s all I ask. Thank you.

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