This page is dedicated to those wonderful people who contribute time and energy to their community and in doing so help make their village, town, city, country, stable and peaceful. Working together with people from all backgrounds creates a space where individuals can learn about each others culture, lifestyle and family traditions and virtues. Tolerance for others differing perspectives is a must have in order to create the peace we all crave.  A stable environment is a peaceful environment, where people can love, live, work, play, and just “BE”. Who and what they are begins to gel with others who live there, and tolerance begins to build a path to peace. After all, we, as humans, with all that we can build and create, should be able to create a path to the peaceful environment we all desire. It is for our children’s sake and the sake of every living thing on the planet that we begin, in some way, to come together. Our first building block is to recognize that the community is the first place to start once you walk out of your own door. I invite you to comment and tell everyone what you do to contribute to your community’s welfare, even if it’s a one liner saying “I don’t get mad in traffic”. Because that is an accomplishment in today’s traffic grids and road-locks. Even such a small thing as holding your temper for a moment and realizing that time just slowed down a bit is all, can create a small spark of positive energy, which counteracts the negative you just ran into….So let us know what you do and how it makes you feel, no matter how big or how small, when you give to your community.


Update:  No one seems to want to contribute. That could mean one of two or three things, One, you are all too busy helping others, yeay for us. Two, you really don’t want to bother, which is sad, or three, you haven’t found me yet. But you will, and I hope you say something on one of my pages, good, bad, beautiful or indifferent, Everyone is welcome to participate.

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