Beautiful Pathways

Life’s walkway is sometimes rocky, sometimes smooth, but always beautiful in one way or another. It can contain grief, despair, sadness, joy, outstanding moments of triumph. Life is a lottery ticket from birth to death, for you can control yourself, but you can’t control what happens to you. Outside forces have a way of shifting your stance, and so to be flexible in your thinking is a must for today’s world. Think about your path, and think about how you walk it and who walks with you. It’s your path, you decide the destination.

On Being Afraid

This particular blog was difficult in a way, for I am a died in the wool true American, liberal, democratic, with a huge sense of responsibility for the happiness of others as well as myself. I believe with all that I am it’s possible to live in a strife free world, we just have to make individual adjustments at times. That simply means that there is a time and a place for people to believe they come first and a time and a place where they don’t need to come first. It doesn’t take away from anyone’s dignity to say please and thank you. It doesn’t take away from your strength if you let a tired person sit down on a bus while you stand. It doesn’t take away anything from you to put others first. Quite the opposite. It adds to your spiritual energy, Acts of kindness are strengths in themselves and always adds strength to your character. People out in the community who believe they must come first or they lose have it backwards. Being taught to always come first no matter how you get there is deceitful, dishonest and tears away at the positive structure of life itself. Most of us are living today because our ancestors worked together to make it good for all. The DNA missing from our communities is the result of wars started by greedy indviduals who wanted what others had and were too stupid to do it themselves, or who had no understanding of the phrase “live and let live”. We are missing a billion people in the world who could have perhaps found a cure for cancer, juvenile diabetes, a cleaner way to raise vegetables, because one group of people decided to annhialate another group of people for reasons of greed or some kind of misguided hatred. Our history books are filled with stories of war, not much on cooperation. Sad end to the world I say. If the scientists are right and we only have until 2030 to make substantial changes before hitting the no return button I’d say we are doomed already. My last attempt at breeding some kind of cooperation and understanding is this blog, in the hopes that some of you that matter may find it. Perhaps it will fill the history books as the last ditch attempt at rational thought before we kill each other for chemically polluted food, dirty water and dead soil. Please, there is still time to change, still time to raise our children to protect and not destroy, but it means putting an end to video games and concentrating on teaching our children to think, reason, deduce and then act for the good of all. There is one thing I believe listed in the bible, the golden rule and the ten commandments. Well, most of the ten commandments. You don’t kill people, you don’t lie, steal or cheat, don’t be jealous, don’t covet what your neighbor has, get your own and feel blessed by it, and treat others as you want to be treated, and that is with respect, admiration, and love. To be treated like that means you have to earn it, which means treating others like that first. Nothing else will do. No matter what your holy book says, no matter if it’s the Koran, the Torah or the Bible, or some othe scholarly work, These truths are self evident, as is stated by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. We must help each other, respect each other, love each other, not destroy ourselves in the hating of others unlike ourselves.

Seeing, considering, acting

Consider the following:

We often believe there is not much we can do to change things, and sometimes we don’t even think about changing our world for the better. But we must. The power of the weather is becoming more and more threatening and pervasive, growing in power and very frightening to many people who are losing their lives and their homes to it. Winter storms are unbelievably stronger than ever. Hurricanes are forming in greater and greater quantities. That’s the thing, such events as Katrina, Harvy, Irma, Hugo, and Florence are increasing in number, one after another. Our political climate follows suit. It’s a jumble of angry, devisive, ill considered rhetoric. We need to change what we sound like. So look around, see what needs to be done, consider what you can contribute, and then act on what you have chosen to do. Something small, something big, just make it something positive. Until next time, thanks for reading.


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