GMO’s, Pesticides and Peace

Making peace with the way our food is grown or rather, manufactured these days, is not an easy road to navigate. There is a great movement towards more natural methods of growing food that I agree with wholeheartedly and I will tell my readers why. As humans evolved we scrabbled our way from hunter gatherers to farmers, but that’s only been in the last ten thousand years. Humans have been evolving for approximately 4.5 million years if one counts  the Australopithecine as human forerunners; small upright creatures like Lucy. Everyone has heard about Lucy, the fragmented skeleton that was found in a dry riverbed in Africa twenty or thirty years ago, dated approximately 4.2 million years? She exhibited a few molars that showed the kind of food that was eaten, meat, tough vegetation, nuts etc. Standard hunting and gathering fare. Today, there are several tribes in Africa whose diets are being observed and studied because the health of the tribe is phenomenally good. They don’t have auto immune distress diseases, they don’t exhibit gut problems, they are not overweight, their teeth are excellent for the most part and they never get sick. So why are they so healthy? Simple. They don’t eat a Western diet of wheat, corn, soy, sugar, fast food and sodas. It isn’t just that they don’t eat the same things, they really don’t eat the same things. Their food consists of seasonal items found on morning walks and what meat is brought home daily by the hunters. They don’t work any set number of hours, they work until the job is done and then they play and learn and teach their children how to be good adults. It’s simple. We didn’t evolve to eat the way we eat now. It’s changed dramatically, and too quickly, over the last 100 years. Our lives are not so simple anymore, and I really doubt if we could go back to hunting and gathering on any level. But we might be able to go forward and eliminate some of the suffering we endure now at the hands of the major chemical companies and the major food manufacturing companies if we start thinking seriously about what is happening. Start by asking a few questions. Do you want to see the land restored to what it used to be? Alive and fertile? Do you want to stop being so sick all the time? Do you want your children to outlast you instead of burying them at age twenty with diabetes and heart disease? Do you want to stop Alzheimers, Autism, and All other possible food related illnesses? It’s simple. Stop eating wheat, corn, soy and all the manufactured and processed associated food items. Stick to organically grown vegetables and whole fruit,  nuts, seeds, and sustainable meats grown on the diet the animal evolved to eat. Stop feeding beef corn, stop feeding poultry wheat and corn products, free range eggs and the chickens who lay them doesn’t mean vegetarian, it means insects. A large part of a chicken’s natural diet are insects. Which has an effect on the amount of cholesterol, good cholesterol, in your body. Grasses are the preferred evolutionary food of beef and bison, and the meat from these animals is heart healthy. Wild hogs are foragers of everything they can find to eat that’s edible, so slops are no problem for a porker, what is a problem is feeding them on exclusively corn diets. They get fat, they put on weight, and they get sick and die after about three months. Which is about the length of time producers keep them around for slaughter, just before they die of the diet they have been given. I don’t want to eat that kind of meat. I break out in rashes, I get headaches, my gut hurts all the time and my autoimmune diseases flare like torchlight on a dark night. It’s hurtful. I’m of an age where I really want to take care of myself so no one else has to, so I changed my diet about fifteen years ago, and I’ve been tailoring it specifically for me ever since. It took me about two weeks to get rid of most of my symptoms and all of my medication. I’ve gotten rid of a great many more symptoms lately by tightening up what i was eating again.  I feel better and my last flareup is gone.  I’m losing weight and for the first time in years I remember what I felt like as a child growing up on a farm that raised animals and vegetables in the natural way. I started getting sick in the eighties when Roundup hit the market and GMO’s were unleashed upon the world. Didn’t take me long to figure out why I didn’t want it anywhere near my vegetable patch, I went back to organic and I have stayed that way ever since. You see, they make the seed of the plant carry the herbicides and pesticides now, so that when you eat the plant, you eat it all, and it kills all the gut bacteria you are supposed to have, which is why you get leaky gut and other inflammatory bowel diseases like Celiac disease. Nobody ever heard of Celiac disease when I was growing up and everyone ate wheat, until the chemical companies decided to play inside Agriculture’s Tent. I call it that because before that it was an organic and fairly closed system, somewhat like a theater, everyone had a job to do and no one lost any props or forgot their lines during the show. Now look at us. Bright lights, Big Cities and everybody’s sick from the popcorn. Big Theater Productions Present:  The Way to Your Demise is called soy…wheat…corn…all other cereal grains being gmo’d as we speak…I do not intend to go down that way. I’ve fought too hard to come back from there. I grew up on a wheat farm and it never hurt me, until the eighties, when all this started. Until then my grandfather raised everything the real way, with real manure from his beef and dairy cows, and chicken manure etc when he cleaned the hen house. He laid down fresh manure on the fields every spring and tilled it in on the fields laying fallow, and the next year, lo and behold, the soil was fragrant and fertile. Then the chemical company representatives started to call upon the farmers and the government started giving out money to grow only specific crops and nothing else, and before you knew it, all we had was what was going into the manufacturers factories, polluted food sitting shelf stable for ten years at a time, killing us a little more every time we ate it. I’m sorry, but this makes me so very angry. We have piles and piles and piles of manure going to waste because farmers are afraid to put it on their fields as organic fertilizer. If you put it on fresh on a fallow field it has a year to decompose before you plant, so where is the problem? Yeah, e-coli, it’s a reality, but not in this case. Once you plow it in and let it sit it’s all decomposed and food for all the other little microbes we need in our soil. Our soil is stale and dead in most places, not rich and fertile the way it’s supposed to be. Why? Because the chemical companies have killed everything with artificial pesticides and now the plants themselves kill the soil every time you plant a seed. So people have to buy more and more of the chemical fertilizer to counteract what the seed is doing, which is what the chemical companies want. More and bigger profits, less and less people around to disagree with them. This type of behavior is unacceptable to me. I don’t know about you, but I would rather not have my children die before me of something preventable. First solution? Smaller, organic farms instead of factory farming. Simple. Use the land for its intended purpose and use it in a healthy and naturally evolving manner. Second solution? Stop being lazy. Sorry, it’s true. I worked, and I cooked dinner every night, and I kept my house clean without chemical products, and I kept my yard and garden actively growing, and I didn’t have to kill anything to do it. Everywhere I’ve ever lived I’ve had one rule, make the soil fertile again and things will grow.  I made my kids do work they needed to learn to do. They didn’t need soccer or baseball or anything else to keep them out of trouble, they came home, did their homework, did chores, ate dinner, went to bed and did it all again the next day.  They turned out to be really good and kind and caring adults who take care of their children and their properties. My one rule as always worked because it’s true. Soil is key to everything. I’ve owned properties, been a landlord, sold properties, been a renter, doesn’t matter to me, land is land and if you want to live and live well without disease then listen when the people from the organic farms try to tell you things you need to know about your food. Stop going to the drive through just because your kids are whining for their fix. It’s addictive, like drugs, and you are enabling them to kill themselves with this kind of food. Yes, this is my opinion. An opinion based on what I have experienced in my lifetime, which has been pretty long so far and hopefully even longer. I know the difference between dead dirt and carcasses and fertile lively soil and happy plants and animals. If you do one thing today it’s ask yourself WHY? Why am I allowing someone else’s bottom line to kill my child? After you come to some conclusion about that question, then quit trying to make peace with it and start screaming and shouting and spending your money elsewhere. After all, the only price these companies understand is having no bottom line at all. Maybe after they experience it, they will change and change for the better, so we can all become more peaceful with the way our food is produced and fed to us.

Oh, and one more thing, better start whining more loudly because a great many vegetables are going to be out of our reach if someone has their way with the border…even if some of it is riddled with pesticides, it’s the only natural fruit and veg some kids get, and anything is better than nothing…just saying. We are going to be paying a great deal more, for everything, and it’s going to be a greater and greater problem for more and more families. More on that subject next time.




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I am older than dinosaurs, thicker than mud, but blessed with a heart that wishes to make this world a better place. I've spent my life in the pursuit of knowledge, learning along the way that people the world over are mostly quiet, home loving, family oriented and just want to be able to work and provide for their families. It is in an effort to bring solidarity in these values for people around the world that I launch this website. Join me with your suggestions, experiences, outlooks, and the sharing of your blessings. Together, word by word, thought by thought, we can bring peace to our world.

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